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Sunday, 6 March 2011

A filler

I've been meaning to write about the success I had recently with a recipe taken from Molly Wizenberg's A Homemade Life, which is a cracking book.  It was for a dish which she called "Custard-filled cornbread", but which I would call "cream-filled", because custard for me requires the involvement of a significant amount of vanilla and this doesn't have any.  It does, however, have a hearty amount of double cream.  So I am going to go for "cream-filled".

Anyway, I don't have time to write it up now or talk about what prompted me to make it, so I thought I would share with you this morning's breakfast REVELATION.  It goes something like this:
  • Send your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend etc. to the local corner shop to buy crumpets, eggs and milk (I am presuming you already have salt, butter and vegetable oil in the house, but if you don't, put them on the list.  I also requested a copy of The Observer, but feel free to select your own reading matter.).
  • When he/she returns put the kettle on in order to make the caffeinated beverage of your choice. 
  • In a wide but shallow bowl break two of the eggs, and whisk adding some of the milk (about 75ml I'm guessing).  Season with salt.
  • Put four crumpets into the egg mixture, and turn them over.  Press lightly to assist them in soaking up the liquid.
  • Heat a knob of butter and slug of oil in a frying pan.  When it starts to foam, carefully put the crumpets in. 
  • Cook for about two minutes each side, until deeply golden.
  • Eat with a splash of Tabasco and a cup of tea.

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