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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

In anticipation of some excellent new posts

I've been terrible at blogging in the past few weeks, and for that I can only apologise.  Why does everything go completely MENTAL in the run up to Xmas?  Like, not only is there actual work to be done, but I have to combine that with nightly booze sessions and obligatory family get-togethers.  Mr. F and I are off to Toronto on 18 December, and I am frantically clearing my desk in anticipation so that I can do a couple of posts while I'm there, in between all the Bikram and days at the spa that I have planned.  I am intending to stun my in-laws with an extravagant vegetarian (contradiction in terms?) Christmas lunch, so will attempt to write about that if it doesn't all end in tears.  Talking of Christmas lunches, I went with my ma and pa to Viajante on Sunday, in lieu of cooking for them at home (which I was unable to do having run completely out of time).  I might write about that too because it was a great meal...

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