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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Me old china

The division of labour is pretty equal in my house: when one person cooks supper the other person has to clean up.  We have a small dishwasher (and no, that's not a euphemism for Mr. F) and my policy is to put all crockery in it, to get it really clean.  If there's no room in the dishwasher, I'll just neatly stack the dirty plates on the side.  Mr. F's approach is to wash everything up and then position stuff haphazardly on the drainer.  The other day he did this with a 1930's sandwich plate that was an heirloom from a great aunt.  Needless to say, as soon as another item on the drainer was nudged my plate met a sticky end: a great big chunk was gouged out of it.  I consequently spent the next few days scanning ebay for a replacement, and found not one, but several (six to be precise).

I have a bit of a thing for vintage crockery and have, over the years, amassed a modest collection of odds and end.  The pictures below are some of my most favourite acquisitions.

I bought two of these "Ferndale" Meakin pudding bowls as part of the latest ebay haul.  I'm in love with them.

Vintage Heaven on Columbia Road is a treasure trove of gorgeous crockery.  I bought these 1950s glasses there a few months ago.   

This pretty lidded dish was a present from a dear friend.  It's almost too lovely.

Another one from the ebay haul, and dating from the 1920s.  Wouldn't breakfast on that just make your day?

I bought this jug  at a jumble sale on Haverstock Hill about seven years ago.  It's got a gigantic crack in it which renders it useless as a jug, but's just too beautiful to part with.

This sandwich plate is the replacement for the one that was injured.

Another sandwich plate off ebay.  (Manicure: Particuliere by Chanel.)

More Vintage Heaven heaven.


  1. Absolutely adore the cute vintage finds. With my recent blog/photo-taking obsession, I've been keeping an eye out for serving plates and utensils to add to my collection. This new hobby will not prove to be happy times for hubby -- who also takes up duties as dishwasher on most days. LOL

  2. Hey Stephanie - you'll have to train him to be more careful than Mr. F. Cack-handed most certainly is the word! x



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