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Thursday, 14 January 2010


If I ever need to sell my house I will whip up a batch of biscotti before potential purchasers come round for a snoop.  They smell so wonderful!  Here are some photos (courtesy of Mr. F's camera) of this afternoon's efforts for Sunday's fundraiser in aid of the earthquake victims in Haiti.  The recipe for hazelnut and chocolate chip biscotti is from "Baked" (courtesy of Nick and Kim).

Here is a slightly unprepossessing photo of the uncooked dough.
Cooked dough.

The finished product.  Not quite worthy of Caffe Nero, but not too shabby.


  1. Hi there

    I came across your lovely blog which I am now following and thought you might like to take a peek at mine. I live in the French Alps and write about food and renovating our old watermill. Would you be interested in exchanging links?



  2. These lasted really well - I kept them in an air-tight container for over 2 weeks and they were as delicious (if not slightly better) as they were when they emerged from the oven.



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