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Monday, 19 October 2009


Mr. F and I treated ourselves to a meal out on Saturday evening.  A girl can't come up with delicious imaginative suppers seven days a week after all.   Never keen to venture too far from our locale, we thought we would give PizzaEast a try.  It's a new pizzeria/restaurant that opened on Friday and is situated at the bottom of the Tea building, at the corner of Bethnal Green Road and Shoreditch High Street.  I've often walked past this building and wondered what went on in there.  It turns out that since Friday it's a great space (the epitome of edgy industrial chic - all exposed brickwork and ventilation ducts), serving interesting pizzas and other well-priced tidbits.

We shared the following: a 500 ml carafe of the house red; Cipolletine onions with puttanesca sauce (from the "fried" antipasti section); a shaved fennel, rocket and parmesan salad with almonds; a pizza topped with clams, tomato, garlic and pecorino; a pizza topped with potatoes, fontina, pecorino and rosemary.


Pretty darned good.

Wine was decent and good value (£10 for 500ml).  The pizzas were really delicious: the dense, springy crust was toothsome and flavourful, and the toppings were lush.  They're not cheap (£10 for the potato job and £12 for the clams), but they are immensely satisfying and don't leave one feeling as though one's gorged oneself.  I could take or leave the starters that we shared.  The salad had been soused with too much lemon for my taste, and the onions were a bit too waxy and raw to make that dish truly enjoyable.  The puttanesca sauce was exemplary.

I would count on spending about £25 - £30 per head.  The antipasti and puddings are very good value, although I wonder whether they might creep upwards in a few months time.

Service was attentive, informative and relaxed, which was impressive given that it was only the second night that the restaurant had been opened to the public.  I'm pretty certain that we'll be back again soon.

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