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Saturday, 19 September 2009

A kitchenista's Roman Holiday

Mr. F and I were on honeymoon in Rome a few weeks ago.  As you can imagine, we ate and drank some remarkable things.  We also discovered a fantastic kitchen shop called "Cucina".  I think there is more than one branch, but the one we went to was close to Via Condotti.  Here are some snaps to give you a flavour...

Mocha machines.  We went wild and bought the tiniest Bialetti available.


I bought some of the fluted aluminium moulds on the bottom right of the picture above.  I think they'll be good for large madeleine-type cakes

This is me considering the bill at Gusto - a lovely restaurant albeit with an English translation of the menu which is prone to mislead.  It also has a lovely kitchenware shop attached to it

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